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  • David
    At first I was skeptical, but once my dress arrived I was amazed. It fit perfectly and it was absolutely stunning!!! I would definitely recommend Ravellia to everyone!!! Perfect dress at a great price!!?
    Posted on4/15/2024
  • J Jones
    If you're looking for a stunning gown, I think this is it! The material doesn’t look cheap, It is made of a material similar to satin, which is very comfortable against the body and slightly reflective.POV: show off your body and confidence!!
    Posted on4/2/2024
  • Jcorb7
    This dress is off-the-shoulder and looks very sexy! I really like it! The material is also very luxurious and suitable for wearing at high-end parties.make me look more charming and confident! In addition, the dress may be wrinkled when you receive it, so you need to iron it first to make it look better.
    Posted on3/31/2024
  • Tessa
    i wore this dress for prom and i LOVED it !! it fit so good and was comfortable. it came perfect for such a good price. i got so many compliments on it. it was exactly what i was looking for!!
    Posted on3/25/2024
  • Amanda
    This dress is absolutely stunning. It does look like a deep mauve with purple undertones. If I was just going as a guest I would 100% have picked this one. I’m 5’3” and with about 3” wedges it was the perfect hem length. Really shows that booty curve and is not sheer.
    Posted on3/24/2024
  • Iris
    This gown is gorgeous and great quality. It’s very long but that’s to be expected. Almost impossible to put on by yourself, but if you have some help it’s great. And for the price, you can’t beat it.
    Posted on3/17/2024
  • Donya
    Very flattering, hides belly well and super comfortable
    Posted on3/12/2024
  • E. S.
    OMG!! I admit that I look very fairy.. I like this fairy-like style, maybe you can try this dress! highly recommended
    Posted on3/11/2024
  • Irma
    I had the best wedding and it fit perfectly
    Posted on3/10/2024
  • Cylicia B
    This dress was amazing. I got so many compliments on it. The quality and price were great. The tie back helps the dress fit like a glove.
    Posted on3/9/2024
  • Morley
    It was true to size, comfortable- easy to move around in and the color was as expected, Dress to impress! This dress was everything it claimed to be! The quality, color and fit will not disappoint!
    Posted on3/7/2024
  • keta rojas
    I love it the quality of this dress is great I am using this as a wedding dress and it gives me a figure I absolutely love it
    Posted on3/6/2024